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"At the end of the piano concerto, the audience jumped to its feet to hail Venkatesh. He graciously played as an encore a solo piece “The Maiden and the Nightingale” by Granados. Once again his superb musicianship, sure technique, and sensitive expression were abundantly on display…he has all the promise of a brilliant future.”


Saint- Saëns Concerto No.2, Vijay Venkatesh, Jeffrey Kahane

Saint- Saëns Concerto No.2, Vijay Venkatesh, Jeffrey Kahane

Vijay Venkatesh, piano Jeffrey Kahane, conductor Sarasota Orchestra LIVE from the Sarasota Music Festival Saint-Saëns Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op.22 “Vijay has an extremely rare combination of effortless technical command and authority with a sense of poetry and refinement that belies his years…electrifying and unforgettable… he’s a spectacular pianist” - Jeffrey Kahane, legendary conductor and pianist “Camille Saint-Saens’ second piano concerto, in the emotionally-charged key of G Minor, was a knockout, thanks to the dazzling pianism of festival alumnus Vijay Venkatesh, who turned the flash of the concerto into meaningful music without losing its virtuosic impact. At times, the speed and accuracy of his playing verged on the impossible, but he managed to convey all the technical challenges of the score without losing its emotional framework or his composure, matched by that of conductor Jeffrey Kahane.” - Richard Storm, Herald-Tribune ”Venkatesh was at all times in complete control of the Saint-Saens 2nd concerto, from the improvisatory introduction to the rather stately first movement, the brisk scherzo of the second to the finger-bending virtuosity of the final tarantella. He gave a masterful performance, showing great dexterity and musical taste throughout…an inspiring and uplifting musical experience culminating in one of the loudest standing ovations I’ve ever heard.“ -Edward Alley, former manager of New York Philharmonic In the midst of a truly unprecedented time in our career, we have remained dedicated to the pursuit of our art and love for music. Your support is especially meaningful during these times, as every donation directly supports our careers especially now while concert halls are closed.
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