Vijay Venkatesh


KING FM 98.1 Radio Performance Review

Posted by on Sep 18, 2016

“I have not heard such beautiful concept or understanding of musical phrase in a long time, as I heard on King FM last night. The Trio Brillante (Vijay Venkatesh, piano, Micah Wright, Clarinet, Annie Jacobs-Perkins, Cello) was truly stunning. They know exactly which line is primary, secondary, tertiary, AND who is ending the phrase, or inserting communication. It was marvelous to hear. Beethoven, so difficult with mood change,
and dynamic contrast, so many times it is just notes; but this was deep understanding; so satisfying and so rarely achieved. The modern work was also very thoughtful, lyrical and made sense More Help. Thank God!”

September, 2016 – Frances Walton, Founder of Frances Walton Competition sponsored by the Ladies Musical Club of Seattle